Internet Radio Music Source

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You like to listen to the content of your favorite internet radio stations? Then this music source is the right thing for you!

With the help of the vTuner station database you get access to more than 30.000 stations worldwide - and their availability is monitored continuously...

Your favorite station is missing? You can suggest it directly to the vTuner team.


How to use

Please check out our how-to-video that shows how speakers, music-sources and playbacks are handled in general.

When you drag the 'Internet Radio' source to the stage, the corresponding dialog will open and you will find several ways to look for a radio station:


  • Favorites: A list of your favorite stations (see below how to mark a station as favorite)
  • Stations: A list of all current stations, sorted by name.
  • Countries: A list of all countries. When you tap a country, you will be forwarded to the genres.
  • Genres: A list of all genres. When you tap a genre, you will be forwarded to the list of stations filtered by genre (and county if selected).


  • If you tap a station, the dialog will be closed an the playback is started = (1)
  • You can use the 'Search/Filter' to find the station you are looking for = (2)
  • If you press the star, you will mark (unmark) a radio station as favorite = (3)
  • Manage custom stations

    This app supports internet radio stations that provide MP3 streams. So what you need is a link to such a stream OR a link to a .pls or .m3u file (playlists pointing to the stream).

    To find such URLs, you can use one of the following radio station directories

    If you cannot find your station, please go to google search and search for "STATION NAME stream url" whereas you replace STATION NAME by the name of the station you are searching.


    You will get several search results. In the results look for the stream urls.


    If you found the url, please first try if it works on your Mac/PC -> simply copy it in the address field of your browser.

    If it works, go to the help section of the WHAALE internet radio music source and press "Add custom station".


    A dialog opens that let's you enter the station name, station artwork (you can find it using and searching for the station name) and the stream url.


    When you press the save button, the new station will appear in the favorites and stations list. To edit or delete the station press the '...' button.



    The Internet Radio support is available as in-app-purchase in the WHAALE shop. As long as it is not purchased, the playback will be stopped after approx. 5min.

    Before purchasing the feature, please check if it meets your requirements/expectations.


    If you experience any problems, please use the Report problem button in the feedback dialog.