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You are using your (old) iOS device for music playback only (with WHAALE) as a replacement for your kitchen radio?!? But it needs too many interactions until music finally starts (lock screen, launching the app, selecting the music/starting the playback)?!?

The WHAALE app offers some settings that let you use it as a replacement for your kitchen radio that even your grand mother can handle!

For this purpose, the playback shall be started as soon as the app is launched - or even directly when the iOS device is powered on. And it shall be stopped when the iOS device is switched off. Then you (or your grand mother) can select the music from a preconfigured playlist and control the volume with the tip of a finger...

How to configure

Please do the following steps to make the app working as shown in the video

  • configure your speakers as you want (put them on stage, enable/disable them)
  • add a playlist/playback with your favorite music or one or multiple (Deezer) radio stations to your stage (you can add stations to an existing playlist by dropping the music source on the existing playlist).
  • If you don't have any wireless AirPlay speakers, the sound will be played on the internal speaker of the iOS device (or one connected bluetooth speaker).

stage configuration

Once the 'stage' is prepared, please open the settings dialog in the 'WHAALE' menu of the app.

  • enable 'Resume playbacks' - this will automatically start the playback when the app is launched
  • disable 'App runs in background' - this will close the app then the display is switched off (you can also leave this setting on; then you have to stop all playbacks in order to close the app)
  • enable 'Open playback dialog automatically' (in the 'Start app' section of the settings) - this will open the playback dialog automatically when the app is launched
  • optional: enable 'Lock speakers' - so the speakers are not moved accidentally (only when the 'SPEAKERS' menu is visible)


Automatic app launch on device wake up

In order to launch the app whenever the iOS device is switched on, iOS offers a feature called 'Guided Access'.

This website shows how to activate the 'Guided Access' feature in iOS:

  • go to the iOS settings
  • select 'General' / 'Accessibility' / 'Guided Access'
  • switch it on + set a passcode
  • go back to the home screen and launch the WHAALE app
  • triple-tap the home-button to start the 'Guided Access' mode
  • In the options (lower left corner) make sure the 'Sleep/Wake Button' is enabled!

Congratulations, now your iOS device behaves as shown in the video!


To end the 'Guided Access' mode, triple-tap the home button and enter the passcode.