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The Audiobus source gives you access to dozens of new music sources - other apps that act as Audiobus inputs. The possibilities are endless...


Please note that the audio will be delayed by 2 seconds - this comes from the AirPlay protocol/speakers - so no 'real time' audio mixing etc is supported.

How it works (e.g. together with djay2 app)


  • download the Audiobus app (unfortunately there is no free/trial version of this app yet)
  • download other apps that can act as Audiobus inputs, e.g.
    • Pro Metronome helps to perfectly synchronize your speakers
    • djay 2 for iPad/iPhone for your next party (there is also a free version) - please note that the Spotify integration of djay 2 does NOT work when Audiobus is connected!
    • TwistedWave Recorder - record from microphone and playback in order to transmit announcements in the whole house

Your favorite music app is not yet compatible with Audiobus?!? Then contact their customer service today!

How to make it work

  • close the WHAALE app if in use
  • open the Audiobus app
  • connect the WHAALE app as Audiobus output
  • connect another app as Audiobus input


  • use the other app to control the music
  • go to the WHAALE app
  • drop the WHAALE Audiobus music source to the stage and position it where you like (in the first run, select 'Connect stereo'; what is meant by splitting the audio is described below)
  • use WHAALE to control the speakers/volumes


  • you can use the tab at the bottom of the screen to switch between apps + pause/resume audio

Splitting the audio signal (djay2 app)

  • the djay 2 app allows to split the audio signal to give the djay a preview on his headphones while the music is played on the speakers
  • the WHAALE app supports splitting the music -> you can play the music on the airplay speakers while listening to the preview on the headphones (without the need for an additional cable)
  • in the djay app go to the settings and select 'split output'
  • in the WHAALE app select 'split audio' when dragging the music source to the stage