Volume Control

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People are different - and so are the preferences how to control the volume. For this purpose, the WHAALE Multiroom Player provides a couple of different ways to achieve this task.

For a multiroom/multispeaker scenario, different volumes need to be adjusted: the speaker individual volumes and a master volume.

Simply choose the way that fits your needs...

  • Tap gesture to deactivate/activate speakers
  • Long-tap gesture
  • Hardware buttons
  • Slider controls
  • Two-finger-rotation gesture

Tap gesture to deactivate/activate speakers

In many cases, not all speakers that are located on you 'stage' are needed for the current playback. For this purpose, it is possible to deactivate speakers by simply tapping on them once. In this case, the status indicator of the speaker will go from 'green' to 'red'.

In order to (re)activate a speaker, tap on it again.

Long-tap gesture

To adjust the master volume of all active speakers, do a long-tap on the stage. The volume regulator will be shown. Move your finger around the center of the regulator to adjust the volume. The active speakers will show their individual volumes via a small overlay. When you finished adjusting the volume, simply lift your finger.

If no AirPlay speakers are active, this gesture will control the volume of your mobile device.

To control speakers individual volumes, do the long-tap on the speaker. The regulator will occur and by moving your finger around the speaker/regulator, you can adjust the volume. Lift your finger to finish.

Please note: If you dropped a playback directly onto a speaker (= exclusive mode), it is not possible to adjust the speakers volume using this gesture. Please use the sliders or the two-finger-rotation gesture instead.

Hardware buttons

In many cases it is very handy to simply press the hardware buttons of the mobile device to adjust the master volume.

Please note (for iOS only): to realize this feature (and the control of the volume from the lock screen), the master volume is connected to the device volume. This means even if you don't hear any sound on the mobile device when AirPlay speakers are connected, the device volume is changed. This affects your ring tones etc that might come up.

Slider controls

If you prefer slider controls to adjust the volumes, do a 'swipe-down' gesture on the stage to reveal them ('swipe right' on tablets).

Now you use them to adjust the master volume and the individual volumes.

To hide the controls, do a 'swipe up' ('swipe left' on the tablets).

To activate/deactivate a speaker, simply tap it...

Two-finger-rotation gesture

This gesture comes closest to what you do on 'real' devices - rotating the volume regulator. It is especially nice to use on tablets.

To control the master volume, put two fingers on the stage (with NO active speaker between them) and start rotating.

To control a speakers volume, put two fingers on around the speaker and start rotating.