iPhone/iPad/iPod Music Source

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This source allows to play music that is stored on your iOS device (and synchronized with iTunes on your Mac or PC) or music from iCloud/iTunes match that is downloaded to your device (see below for additional information).

Please check out our how-to-video that shows how speakers, music-sources and playbacks are handled in general.

When you drag the 'iPod/iPad' source to the stage, the corresponding dialog will open and you will find several ways to look for music.

  • Playlists: Your personal playlists. Please use iTunes on your Mac/PC to manage the playlists.
  • Songs: The list of all songs. Use the search field to find what you are looking for.
  • Artists: The list of all artists. If you tap an artist, you will get a list of all albums of this artist.
  • Albums: The list of all albums. If you tap an album, you will get a list of all songs of this album.
  • Podcasts/Books: This will show all podcasts and audio books stored on the device.


  • You can use the 'Search/Filter' on the songs, artists and albums pages to find the content you are looking for = (1)
  • If you tap a song, it will be added to a temporary playlist = (2). Pressing the play button at the bottom of the screen will start the playback. If you tap an artist or album, the selection will show the contained albums/songs.
  • If you tap the + symbol on a artist or album, all contained songs will be added to the temporary playlist = (3). Pressing the play button at the bottom of the screen will start the playback.

    Unfortunately, playing music that is stored in iCloud/iTunes Match cannot be played unless it is downloaded to the device using Apples Music app.

    We cannot solve this issue at the moment because of technical limitations: In order to send the music to multiple AirPlay speakers, we need access to the musics "raw" data. To get this data, the music has to be downloaded to the iOS device.

    The problem: For 3rd-party-app-developers there is no way to trigger the download of iCloud/iTunes Match items. This can only be done manually using the Music app. Check this for details if you are interested.

    So at the moment the workaround for this issue is:

    You have to go to the Music App and download the music directly to your iOS device using the cloud-buttons. Then the WHAALE Player is capable of playing them as usual.

    The only thing we can do in our app is to detect whether the files are downloaded or not (this information is available). If not, we can show this information to you + allow you to open the music app directly to manually download the files. This is not a real solution - but it is all we can do at the moment. Sorry for this inconvenience!


    The app settings allow you to hide the cloud items that are not already downloaded to your device.

    For this purpose, please go to the WHAALE menu and press 'settings'. In the section 'Music sources' you will find an entry 'iPad/iPod'. If you tap it, you will see a setting 'Show cloud items'. Disable this in order to hide the items.