UPnP Media Server Music Source

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Do you own more music than you can store on your iOS device(s)? But you don't want to store your music in the cloud or the internet? Then a UPnP Media Server is the right thing for you!

Please note:

If you just opened the 'Media Server' source in the WHAALE app and you see this page, press the '<' button in the upper left corner to get to the list of media servers!


A UPnP Media Server allows you to store your complete media library and share it in your home network. There are different types of servers. You can either use a software like XBMC (see below) to transform your Mac or PC into a server. Or you can use a standalone device like the DLink DNS 325 containing a separate (usb) hard-disc.


List of working devices (not complete):


Currently the following devices does not work with WHAALE:
  • Windows Media Player

Unsupported media formats

At the moment we do NOT support the following media formats:

  • WMA (Windows Media Audio)
  • FLAC (free lossless audio codec)
If the music is playing too fast or too slow, please make sure the audio files are encoded with 44.1kHz!


The UPnP Media Server support is available as in-app-purchase in the WHAALE shop. As long as it is not purchased, this information is shown and you can only add 2 media items to your playback.

Before purchasing the feature please check if it meets your requirements/expectations.


If you experience any problems, please use the Report problem button in the feedback dialog.